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A Passionate Person

I am BourN'gan, formerly known as Anthony L. Smith. Last releasing music in 2002, I believe it necessary to reintroduce myself to the world. I am married with three sons and am very proud of the young men my wife and I have raised.  Ministry has never left me, as I have remained dedicated to my Lord, my family, my church and my community.  The Lord has continued to bless me with new material, while sustaining me as a husband, father, mentor and provider.  I have remained active in the community as a minister, educator, coach and mentor. I have looked forward to the day Jesus would enable me to flow in my musical gifts again. As I meditated on the vision that was placed upon my heart, the name "BourN'gan" was deposited into my spirit! I asked The Lord, "what does this mean?"  Not knowing the meaning, I was led to simply open up a dictionary and found the meaning to be simple in definition, but SPIRITUALLY PROFOUND! A "Bourn" is a river that flows seasonally...! "N'gan" is significant in that I have been led to share my giftings with the world again...! 

I grew up in the mid-western city of Canton, Ohio.  I embraced creativity at a young age, as poetry and music became a means of expression for me. My passion for music evident; at the age of 3 I became a member of the children's choir at church. From that point forward, music has remained an important part of my life.  Music is my ever-changing, always evolving portrait of life. I have always sought to help people. More than anything else, I pray that music enables me to be a blessing to others (spiritually, physically, emotionally, etc.). 


My Life is a Love Song

Music is an expression of who I am, and for me, life has been a never-ending love song about Jesus and me. At times I've triumphed, at times I've failed; I've been wronged by others and been a perpetrator of sins. In my humanity there is much I wish I could change, but to what end? God has revealed Himself to me through the ups, and the downs, through the triumphs and the frowns... He is in love with me. Many of the lyrics I have written are a reflection of the reassuring Word God wrote in my heart to "grow me through", and toward a new season. I am truly relational in my being and pray that others can see the JESUS in me and want what JESUS has. That through my relationship, they desire and grow in their relationship with Christ.


Inspired By Everything

Everything inspires me.  The sun, the moon, the wind, the storms, the trees, the sand; IT'S ALL GOD'S CREATION and for me to experience it is simply amazing!  Most people want the storms to go away; but fail to see the rejuvenating power of the the storm!  Storms wash away, storms uncover, storms water the seed and provide a platform for growth.  Without the storm, we would wither away when the sun shines our way!  I pen lyrics and produce songs that move me; I pray they move you. I love collaborating with other artists and experimenting with different genres of music. I long to make music that well represents me, my church family, my generation and the Christian community.

What it means to be... BOURN'GAN



For Bourn, life consists of God, the family, and the church. He is a licensed minister that has served as a Youth Pastor and laborer of the church with membership swelling during his tenure. As a purveyor of the Good News, he has proudly shared The Word from the pulpit and in the streets! He has humbly carried the mantle which God has placed upon him, striving to let the evidence of his life be a witness of who God has made him to be. Bourn is a loving husband and proud father of three sons. Having officially released his first album in 2002 entitled "Living Sacrifice," under the artist name Anthony L. Smith, he happily served his community. Living Sacrifice is available on CD Baby, Apple Music, Itunes, Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud and most other streaming music sites! He received countless opportunities to preach and to sing, while garnering the attention of concert promoters through modest airplay in several states of the US and internationally! As Anthony L. Smith, he was honored to be in concert with national recording artists throughout the Southeast region of the United States and in his home state of Ohio; having even been invited to travel to the French island of Martinque where he preached and ministered in song! Bourn has opened in concert for the likes of Shirley Ceasar, Mary Mary, J Moss, The Winans, Winans Phase II, Vicky Winans and more!  Be A Blessing and Stay Tuned...!



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